Monotype Workshop At Siskiyou Art Museum
August 25, 26, 2018
10:30 AM-4:30 PM
Sign up for 1 or both days
Fee: $100 per day or $175 for both days

Contact Kathryn Kain to register by August 23rd
Tel: 408-230-8629

Explore the art of the monotype in this workshop and create beautiful unique prints with master printmaker Kathryn Kain. With her guidance artists can realize their vision using vibrant oil based inks on acrylic plates. 

The workshop will use non-toxic clean up with vegetable oil and Simple Green. Working small scale, one sheet of Rives BFK tears to 4 sheets of 15 x 11”. This is the largest size the press can accommodate but you may work smaller by dividing a sheet of paper into 9 pieces sized  7.25 x 10”.  Both sizes of paper, inks and Plexiglas plates will be prepared and available for your use. Several techniques will be covered in the workshop including additive and subtractive monotype, stencil, photocopy transfer, collage and nature printing from plants. Existing matrices of intaglio or linoleum may be incorporated, please call me if you have plates or wish to use a matrice to make monoprints. 
The instruction will be tailored to your individual needs and all levels are welcome.

Includes 1 sheet of 22 x 30” Rives BFK paper with more available for $6.00 per sheet. Minimum enrollment 4, maximum 8

For more information and a link to the Siskiyou Art Museum website please click here or contact Kathryn Kain directly.